Best Bets in a Casino

Ever wonder why the casino has billions of pounds? It's no coincidence that a casino always makes money. As long as there are customers, the casinos will continue to make boatloads of cash. The reason is simple.

The games are in their favour!

Every casino game has a built in house advantage that allows the casinos to make money over time. Some people may win on occasion and it's not unusual for someone to win big. In fact gamblers win all the time. But, over the long run, the casino will win out due to the house advantage.

In some cases, the edge may be small, but in other cases, the casinos stand to win a large sum over time. These are the games they want you to play. They advertise lofty jackpots, big paydays and high paying odds, but in reality, they are lures to attract the fish. Once they have you on the line, they will reel you in until they have all your money.

Hopefully by the end of this article, you will understand what bets you want to be making in a casino. Not all bets are created equal and some will empty your pockets much faster than others. As a gambler, your goal is to win money. By making the best were about to outline below, you will do everything you can to maximise your chances of winning.


Almost all bets in blackjack are good ones. The game itself offers players one of the lowest house edges. In most cases, it is less than 2%. However there are some bets to stay away from.

The insurance bet in blackjack is a sucker bet that should never be used. Anytime the dealer offers insurance, just say no!

You do want to be splitting your 8's, doubling down on any 11 and always splitting Aces. These bets will be mathematically correct all the time.

Craps - Odds and Pass Bets

Craps is another game with a low house advantage, so long as you're making the right bets.

The inside bets, or side bets are again, bets to stay away from. The inside bets are the ones on the inside of the betting table. For example, the double 5's, or any double bet for that matter. These bets have terrible odds and will make you lose faster than you can say Snake Eyes.

The best you want to be placing are the Pass, and Odds bet.

The Pass bet is a very low house edge bet and one of the best you can make. It's simple to play and offers a good return on your money.

The odds bet is even better. However, it's not displayed on the table. You need to tell the dealer your placing an odds bet and then place your chips on the outside of the Pass Bar on the table. When playing online, just click on the line where the pass bar is and this will place an "Odds" bet.

The odds bet is possibly the best bet in a casino, which is why they don't advertise it. They will also limit the amount of money you can bet using this because it has almost no house edge when used correctly.


Slot machines are some of the best games you can play in a casino. Most of the time, you can find slots that have a payout of around 96% or so. On average this is what they will pay based on what I have seen. A 4% house edge is not all that bad considering many other games have an edge of up to 20%.

They are also easy to play and you really can't make any mistakes when playing them. This means there is no chance of making a blunder that will cost you even more money.

In some casinos, you may even find slots with payouts as much as 99.9%. If you ever see these, play them!

Games to Stay Away From

There are some games that you always want to avoid.

Caribbean Stud is one of those games that has a big lure on it to try and reel you in. it has a jackpot that looks fulfilling, but it's simply a big advertisement that says: "You won't win me, but I'll take your money while you try."

The jackpot was put in place in its game to make the game seem much better than it really is. Back when it was first introduced into casinos, players stayed away from it because they knew it had some of the worse payouts of any casino game. The jackpot was added to try and make up for this.

Most smart gamblers realised it was just a ploy, but there still many that play the game with the hopes of winning big.

Any game with a jackpot should be avoided if at all possible. Just think of a jackpot as way to hide an ugly paintjob. It may look good on the outside, but if you start looking close, it's all faded, rusty and ugly.

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