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The Rendezvous Casino

London's most exclusive district is home to the Rendezvous Casino. Mayfair has always been the hub of exclusivity and at the Rendezvous you can expect the same, an evening of style and sophistication. Enjoy the best in traditional table games and the finest cuisine to impress any visitors palate.

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Latest Events at London Casinos

The Hippodrome Casino

Fridays - Fridays at Matcham room theatre in the casino are all about spectacular performances. Featured at the casino every Friday of the month is the Boom and Bang Circus, which is expected to delight guests with a number of exciting acts. This performance is the latest production by world-renowned circus and burlesque star Kitty Bang in partnership with cabaret producer Bioux Lee Hayes. The performance at the world-famous theatre promises to entertain guests with exotic circus acts such as spectacular acrobatics, fire-eating acts, sideshow freaks, terrifying clowns and a lot more. Be there and experience the magic and terror all in one night!

1st November - The record-holder X factor alumnus, Steve Brookstein himself, will be entertaining guests at the casino this 1st of November, Saturday. Be at the casino and witness this world-class singer perform covers of soulful songs and perform a couple of original tracks. Steve will be performing some of his more popular tracks from the album, Forgotten Man, but promised to also do covers of songs by The Spinners, The Temptations, and the Stylistics. This night is guaranteed to be a night of entertainment and good music so bring along your family and friends and together share this magnificent event at the casino. Plus, Brookstein promised to share some behind the scene titbits of his X factor experience.

2nd November - Like jazz? Like charity? Why not listen to some jazz while doing your part for society? This 2nd of November, you might just be able to enjoy jazz music while doing a little contribution to the society. The casino will be hosting a night with exemplary jazz artist, Zeetah Massiah and part of the proceeds go Parkinson's UK to celebrate the latter's 45th birthday. Proceeds from the event will be able to help research and support services in this field. Tickets are available at £30 each for jazz only, £55 for standard tickets with dinner and £65 each for premium seats and dinner. Book tickets now and don't miss out on this opportunity to help.

Aspers Stratford

2nd and 4th Sundays - It's about time you step out of the shower and start performing to an audience. The casino acknowledges the various talents of local performers and had arranged two special evenings every month to cater to these local talents. Mark your calendar every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month and head out to the casino for a night of Open Mic. Each performer gets to have a 15 minute shot at fame to play in front of a cocktail bar. 2 free drinks are also given away to performers. More importantly, the headline act will have 45 minutes to play and will be paid £100 for the set! The Open Mic is also designed to serve as a scouting scheme of the casino from which performers may be hired to play regular every Friday or Saturday.

The Casino at the Empire

Watching your waistline but looking forward to a fantastic night with friends? You can now enjoy both at the casino's Icon Balcony Bar. Experience nightlife at the casino's bar without feeling guilty thanks to Skinny Cocktails. Available at the casino are low-calories drinks which are perfect for after-work relaxing drinks with friends. Papaya daiquiri at £7.50, Chili mango martini at £7.50, the Royal Tree at £7.50 are just some of the more popular cocktails on the menu. Now that's a fun way to drink and hang out while staying in shape. Guests can order these fabulous skinny cocktails starting at 5pm from Monday to Friday and at 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Did you Know?

London Casinoss did you know?

Did you know that with over 5000 rooms, the MGM Grand hotel is one of the worlds biggest?

It is so large that it would take nearly fourteen years for a person to have slept in all of them.

London Casinos

London is a financial, cultural and travel hub in the UK, Europe and the World. It is the home of some of the most famous people in the world, iconic landmarks and even a royal family. But once you get tired of looking at the Big Ben, the London Eye or Buckingham Palace you might want to find something else to do - maybe even make some money.

Guide to London Casinos is a place where we have reviewed all the major casinos and clubs in the UK capital to give you a complete guide to London gambling. We will tell you all about the casinos with the best selection of games, the best entertainment and the most exquisite of restaurants.

Unlike a lot of other casino websites we have decided to focus on this major city as it offers over 30 different establishments - jam-packed with the latest in gambling technology and brilliant entertainment. We will keep you up-to-date with the latest promotions and give you advice on when to go, where to go and what to wear.

So if you live in the London area and you are looking for a new watering hole or if you are just visiting for a week or two and fancy some action - we can tell you just the place to visit. So check out our extensive review section with detailed information on the top casinos in London, how to get there and what to play.

Casinos in London can offer you any type of gambling experience - you will find some of the most exclusive establishments in Europe, some of the most complete and some of the most basics within a couple of square miles. This makes London an excellent place to visit - and live - if you love casino and gambling. Below we will share three casinos that fall in the different categories, and that are located in different areas of the city.

These three casinos show how versatile the London casino market is and with roughly 30 other casinos there is more than enough selection for you to choose from.

Aspers Westfield Stratford City

Aspers Westfield Stratford City the complete package. This exciting new development has set a new benchmark for casinos in the UK and is the first ever "large" casino license in the country.

The impressive 65,000 sq ft venue is impressive both in design and layout. Here visitors will get a full casino experience, not unlike what you might expect when you cross the pond and hit Las Vegas. The casino has bars, restaurants, tables, slots and everything else you can ask for in a casino. Located in the East end of London it is a bit more remote than other locations but that is to fit in the massive venue in one building.

The Park Tower Casino

The Park Tower Casino in London has already established itself as one of the most exclusive locations in the English capital. The Park Tower itself is a piece of prime real estate in the Knightsbridge area of London - right next to the world famous Hyde Park.

At this casino you will have to fork out £500 for a full lifetime membership but once the money has been paid you will be part of one of the most exclusive casino experiences in Europe. Gambling and service is the motto of this establishment and you will not find your usual distractions like any other casino.

Genting Casino Cromwell Mint

Genting Casino Cromwell Mint has a great atmosphere for fun and exhilarating casino and poker gambling. This is a Casino that places an emphasis on creating a social environment whilst keeping the traditional casino and poker gaming. In this way they try to stand out from the busy London casino scene and get a unique edge on the competition. Located in the exclusive South Kensington part of London, this casino gives off all the right "posh" vibes from the moment that you lay eyes on the outside.

But the inside is more relaxed than you can ever imagine. It is a casino that will impress and excite you no matter what you are in to in terms of games or entertainment around the gambling.

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