Grosvenor Casino, Bournemouth

Grosvenor Casino, Bournemouth

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Phone: 01202 553790

Opening Hours: 24 Hours a Day

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The Grosvenor Casino in Stoke - a place more famous for football and being the home of Robbie Williams - is a good gambling location that offers loads of fun for a small price. This is a modern casino that is dedicated to offering the best in terms of service and games for all types of gamblers.

Stoke might not be the first place that you think about when you are interested in gambling but one of the beauties with the Grosvenor brand is that they have expanded their operation to make even the most unlikely place a haven for gamblers. By offering a nice selection of games and amenities the casino keeps up with the general notion that Grosvenor casinos are some of the best places to go and gamble.

Opening hours are just what you would expect from a Grosvenor casino - the casino is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it an ideal location for gamblers, diners and drinkers to go and enjoy a good day or night out. We recommend getting your hands on a membership card when you visit the casino for the first time as it will be good for bonuses and it will ease the process of entering the casino on returning visits.

Grosvenor Casino: Venue Details

Dress Code

Smart Casual

Gambling Floor

The gambling floor at the Grosvenor Stoke Casino covers all the basics that a gambler can ask for when they are looking for a new place to gamble. Guests will find numerous tables that offer American Roulette and Blackjack. Alongside this the casino offers a decent amount of electronic gambling machines, including slots and electronic roulette. One of the best things about these slot machines is that they offer a wide range of games per slot machine - giving gamblers a nice range of games to choose from. The layout of the gambling floor is on that is similar to most other Grosvenor casinos, with the tables being right at the heart of the room and slots flanking the walls to maximize the amount of space for gamblers.

If you enjoy Poker tournaments than this Stoke casino is the place to go. There seem to be an endless amount of cash games and tournaments going on every single day and many of the best Hold 'Em players in the area visit the casino to get a piece of the action.

Restaurants, Bars and Leisure

The Grosvenor Casino in Stoke offers gamblers the famous Grosvenor Grill restaurant. By this name alone it is quite easy to guess what type of food is on offer for gamblers. Sirloin steak, rib eye steak and fillet stake are used handsomely to create some of the best grilled dishes that you will find south of London. One of the nicer features of the restaurant is the other grilled dishes on offer - including grilled Sea Bass, Salmon and Pork. These dishes are complimented by a few curries, and vegetarian dishes to make it a very comprehensive menu.

One of our favourite areas of this casino is the casino bar - a place where gamblers can relax and cool down after a long day of gambling. Some people might just need a break and with its great selection of cocktails, beers, wines and spirits there are few better places to go for a drink than the Casino bar. We spoke dearly (ish) about the dedication to football and sports in the Stoke area and this can clearly be seen in the bar. The Premier League and major international sporting events are broadcasted on a regular basis to offer customers a nice break from the crowded gambling floors.

Tournaments, Events and Promotions

Wow. That is the only way I can describe some of the promotions and events going on at here. One of the current promotions is called "Have one spin - win, win, win". This means that you get 100 chips to put on one spin. You can win up to 2,000 PlayPoints that you can then spend at the casino. The highest win of the month will also get an additional 5,000 PP's. Most of the events are centered around sports. The NFL games at Wembley every year are very popular and the casino offers promotions to win tickets every single year.

Now it is time for the Poker lover to listen up: The Deep stack round of each freezeout tournament has a 25 entry where the games are No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha. Players start with 20,000 in chips and you will find some great Poker action at the tables. The website shows the amount of tournaments going on at the casino every week - and the list is impressive. There are even a few freerolls with guaranteed prize money upwards of 500.

Why Grosvenor Casino Stoke?

First and foremost we have to compliment this casino on the excellent offering in terms of Poker tournaments. There are few venues in cities like Stoke which pays so much attention to the needs and wants of the local gamblers.

Grosvenor in Stoke is a casino that offers a good selection of the most basic things a gambler wants. The food and drinks are a great addition and allows gamblers to make a full night out of visiting the casino. The promotions and events are many and happen on a regular basis - with the chance to win some amazing prizes. Another thing well worth mentioning is the excellent, service motivated, staff at the casino. They go above and beyond to offer gamblers a fun and unique experience every time they visit.

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