How to Avoid the Worst Bets in Casinos

Casinos love to entice players into thinking they can walk into a casino and walk out rich. We should all know by now, that the casino will take most people's money at some point. They aren't in business to hand out money after all. They are here to take it!

But you can stop that trend by doing a few things on your next trip to a casino.

In this article, we will lay out the worse bets you can place in a casino. These are called sucker bets, because they are designed to look good, but in reality, are offering terrible odds to the player. The sad fact remains that many players still fall for these gimmicks the casino throw at us.

By then end of this article, you will know what bets are the worse and what ones to avoid. This will not only save you money, it will give you a better shot at actually walking out rich.


In blackjack, the dealer will offer you what's called insurance when they show an Ace as their up card. If the dealer has 21, you will win this insurance bet. Sounds good right?


It's probably the biggest sucker bet in a casino. It offers odds at 3-2, which may not seem so bad. But, given the fact that this bet will rarely pay off, its odds are much worse than they appear.

You may be thinking that the dealer always has Blackjack when they have an Ace showing. It's a common fallacy that comes with novice gamblers and you're not to be shamed for thinking this. But the reality is, the dealer will have 21 far less than you realise. Mathematically speaking that is.

Bottom line is, don't ever take the insurance. Politely decline and know that you just saved yourself some money.


This game is considered the worse game for any gambler. It has the lure of big payouts and even has a nice lounge area to play it in at a live casino. It's simple to play and attracts rookie gamblers from all over the world.

But did you know that Keno has a house edge of almost 24%?

This is by far the highest house edge of any game you will find. Compare this to a game like Blackjack where the house edge is only 2.5% (roughly). You can see how much of a disadvantage you have at Keno.

Avoid the simplicity of this game and its attraction to the jackpots.

Craps Prop Bets

The prop bets in Craps are another lure to the unknown gambler. They are the inside bets that consist of double rolls, single number rolls and so on.

Players will fall into this trap when they see all the excitement going on at the Craps games and can't help themselves. It's easy to fall victim to this as you won't be the only one and surely won't be the last.

But, you can be one of the lucky ones who now understand that these bets hold a very high house edge of up to 16%.

These are some of the worse odds you can get in the casino and should be avoided at all costs.

Craps is actually a good game to play, so long as you stick to the outside bets.

Pass / Don't Pass / Odds Bet.

These bets have are ironically some of the best you can make in a casino. We recommend playing Craps, but using the outside bets only.

Baccarat Tie

Baccarat is another one of those games we recommend playing, but only if you're making the right bets. The banker bet in this game is considered the best bet in the house. It has a very low house edge of only 1.17% .

However, the "Tie" bet is one of the worse you'll find. It has a house edge of over 14%.

The lure to play this bet is definitely there. Since you may see a few ties in a row, you will be tempted to throw some money down on a tie. But, never, ever, ever place this bet. Stick to the Banker bet and you will be one of the smarter gamblers in the house.

Hopefully, you not only know what bets to avoid, but why. It's just as important to understand what makes a bet a bad one and what makes it a good one. This will help you in other games to spot potential sucker bets that will cost you money.

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