Casino Etiquette

Casinos are a exciting place to be and sometimes emotions can run high; that's part of the fun. If you've seen someone lose some big money and then take it out on the dealer, you know you don't want to repeat that behavior yourself. Casino staff are not paid enormous amounts of money and they work unsociable hours, so if treat them with respect and consider tipping them if you have a big win. They rely on tips and it is hugely appreciated. If you're losing money and feel that you're not enjoying yourself, then leave the game and let others enjoy their evening. Remember that sticking to your limits is the best way to stay in control and have fun.

Remember the history of casinos, especially in London - they were the original gentleman's clubs and had strict dress codes. Some London clubs still have a strict membership policy, but even if membership is free respect the environment; dress well and behave accordingly. Read guidelines that the 'Guide To UK Casinos' staff have put together and enjoy!


Whatever game you're playing - keep your good advice to yourself. If the person you impart your wisdom to loses then they blame you. If you take advice off another they may expect something for your money. Make your own decisions and let others make theirs.

don't gloat if you have a big win, especially if it's at the expense of the people listening.

When playing table games, you cannot play directly with money. After the current bet has been played out, place your cash on the table first and ask for it to be transferred into chips, stating which denomination you require.

If you're not happy with the way other people are playing go to another table instead.

Roulette Etiquette

don't place your bets until the dealer has finished paying off the bets from the previous spin. don't create confusion between which bet is for the last spin or the next.

If you had a win then this will be left on the table. You must remove it yourself otherwise it will be played in the next spin.

Remember that roulette chips are different to other chips in the casino. You need to cash them in at the table you were playing at when you finish and you'll receive regular casino chips.

Slots Video Poker Etiquette

Only leave your machine for short periods of time, if you really have to. Let the other players know that you'll be returning by resting the chair against the machine, leaving an item of clothing (preferably not your trousers!) on the chair, or leave the coin cup upside down. don't leave a machine in this way if you're going to play another game. It's unfair to restrict the use of the machines to others.

If you do see a reserved machine, then don't use it. When the player returns they won't be happy. Assume they are as respectful as you and have only gone for a short time.

If the casino is crowded or many people want to play the machines, only play one at a time.

Blackjack Etiquette

Do not touch cards which are dealt face up. Obviously for face down cards you have to pick them up to play, but leave face up cards on the table.

As with all table games, minimum and maximum bets are displayed near the table. There may also be other rules posted, specific to that casino.

To join a Blackjack game go to the empty square - the space by an empty chair may be being played by a current player.

Card Games Etiquette

Never accuse the dealer of cheating. In the vast majority of cases you will be wrong. Remember that the odds are in favour of the house and it's not fair to blame the casino staff. If you are having a bad run of luck them take a break or play another game.

Once a bet has been placed do not touch it until the results have been declared.

Seats around tables are for players only. If you're watching then stand to one side.

Craps Ettiquette

You have to  make sure the dice hit the back wall otherwise the throw is invalid and deemed not random. When you shoot, don't try and slide the dice, the roll must be random. This behavior won't be tolerated for long!

Be aware of which bets you can make and which the dealers have to make for you. If you're not sure then watch the game for a while before joining in.

don't interfere with the dice when they are being thrown. Keep you hands away from the playing area - no one will appreciate it you disturbing the roll. Make use of the space around the table for your drinks and chips.

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