G Casino Piccadilly, London

G Casino Piccadilly, London

Address: 3-4, Coventry St, London, W1D 6BL Map »

Close: To: Piccadilly Circus Tube

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Phone: 020 7287 7887

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Whenever you hear Piccadilly and London in the same sentence your mind might wander to the world-famous Piccadilly Circus. But this bustling area has a lot more to offer than just your standard tourism sites - it can offer you a top casino location right in the heart of downtown London, available for everyone.

Grosvenor G Casino Piccadilly is located smack-bang between the Piccadilly Circus tube stop and Leicester Square. It might not be on the more exclusive Regent Street but once inside you will not even think for a second about what might be going on in the outside world. This premiere casino location and venue offers gambling for people of all ages (over 18, of course) and has something that will suit every gambler.

The famous "G" hangs outside the front door and is as inviting as any other London location. Once you enter the venue you will be welcomed by exactly what you would expect from a G Casino - great décor, excellent gambling and food that is excellent. So as the slots rustle away and the roulette table finds another lucky winner you can explore this casino to the fullest - from bar, to restaurant to entertainment... because it has all of it.

G Casino Piccadilly: Venue Details

Gambling Floor

The gambling floor at Grosvenor G Piccadilly might not be the most complete one on the London casino scene but it offers more than enough to keep most gamblers happy. Here you will find everything from American Roulette to Blackjack, slots, craps and live Poker action. The layout is not as cramped as you might have expected - the electronic slots flank the tables in the centre of the room. The open floor solution gives a nice flow to the whole establishment and you can easily swoosh from the slots to a table and onwards to the bar.

On busy nights the floor can get quite crowded and with just a few tables for each game it can be difficult to grab a seat - so make sure that you get in and you get in early.

Restaurants, Bars and Leisure

G Casino Piccadilly does offer some great food - but it is not what you might expect if you have been to a bunch of other London casinos. There is no massive dedicated restaurant area with fine dining and an expensive chef's name on the door. The food served at this venue takes gambling food back to where it belongs - simple, fast and delicious. Calling the menu itself simple might be a bit harsh according to some people, but in this case simple is a term of endearment. The Classic Burger made from Aberdeen Angus Beef is just the type of food your average gambler might want to gulp down between hands.

With a hint of Mexican flavours in the menu and some BBQ ribs to represent the US - the food at Piccadilly is perfect for any gambler. If you want to mix things up there is always the option of pizzas, pastas or salads.

The bar at this venue is where quite a bit of the action goes down during the night. Their excellent range of cocktails, beers, spirits and their extensive wine list compliments both the food and the gambling throughout the night. If you want to keep a clear head during your gambling there is always the option of non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Tournaments, Events and Promotions

The G brand is famous all across the UK for offering as much as possible to entertain visitors to their casinos. Piccadilly is no different - with everything from DJ's to bands dropping by on a regular basis to entertain gamblers. If you are worried about missing your favourite team or sporting event, fear not. This casino being built in an old cinema does have its advantages - such as the massive projector screen that transforms the venue to a massive sports bar.

But you do not have to be tied up with entertainment if you are just after gambling. Regular tournaments and promotions appear on the G Piccadilly Website as they are announced. One of their latest features is their new side bet on Blackjack. You can bet on your first two cards, and the dealer's first card, being a straight, flush or three of a kind. If you manage to bang in any of these the odds can be up to a staggering 270/1.

If Blackjack is not your thing maybe you want to take part in the live Poker cash games arranged at the casino. Games start daily at 9 pm and run all the way to 6 am. This is because the G Casino Piccadilly is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why Grosvenor G Casino Piccadilly?

This is a casino that can offer you almost anything you can wish for in a casino. The food is great, the entertainment is always around and the drinks are flowing. If you are all about the gambling it is easy to shut out distractions and focus on your favoured game. The sports bar is always a plus if you love sports or have a few cheeky bets on the teams playing.

One of the top things about the Piccadilly casino is the location - right in the heart of London. Few other venues in the city can boast such an accessible address and close to so many sights. It is worth visiting this casino if you love gambling, entertainment or just a good night out. Grosvenor G Piccadilly really offers the whole nine yards to anyone that wants to indulge in a night of fun and flair.

G Casino Piccadilly, London Map


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