Maxims Casino Club, London

Maxims Casino Club, London

Address: Palace Gate House, Palace Gate, London. W8 5LS Map »

Close: To: High Street Kensington Tube

Website: Official Website

Phone: 0 207 414 0061

Opening Hours: 1 pm to 6am, 7 days a week<

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The Maxims Casino Club in London is an exclusive club with a massive "members only" sign on the front door. It is situated right in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and is the perfect choice for the casino player seeking an exclusive club atmosphere. This is one of those places where you walk past and dream about going in - playing high stakes games with some of the rich and famous of London.

The main exclusivity theme is joined by the fact that everything feels old-fashioned and classy. The old Victorian building dates back almost 200 years and the interior looks like it could have been plucked from any nobleman's house during that period.

Maxims Casino Club: Venue Details

Gambling Floor

Entering the main gambling area of the Club is like entering a Monte Carlo Casino rather than your basic London gambling location. That is because nothing about this casino is basic in any way. This casino has a very narrow roof with vaulted ceilings and it gives the whole place a very tight feeling and creates an excellent atmosphere. The red fittings on the wall just blend in with the rest of the casino - making it not just a pleasure to be in but also to look at.

Maxims Club in London is probably the best place in all of London if you are looking to play the classic casino games - just like you would in the casino of the olden days or down on the French Riviera. You will find American Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Three Card Poker amongst a range of other games. At this casino you will not be looking for the highest possible stakes - they will be looking for you. With that said, some 'basic' bets of £20-30 are also available on most tables.

Something that makes this place really stand out and shows the exclusivity is the fact that you can get your own private table. Bring enough money to the casino and you can play almost any casino game you want - without anyone disturbing you.

Restaurants, Bars and Leisure

The restaurant at Maxims Casino Club is not just a normal casino restaurant - it is The Casino Restaurant in London. Even though the casino is highly regarded but nationally and internationally - the restaurant has a reputation that travels over continents. This establishment offers some great food and a very exciting menu for gamblers and guests alike. This casino has a very international theme and this runs through the food as well - you can get a variety of dishes from a range of different cuisines including French, Indian, Thai and Chinese.

Even though the restaurant at Maxims Casino Club is excellent there is a lack of diversity compared to a lot of other venues in London. There is a bar available for drinks but it is a bit upscale for your average gambler. There is no real "lounge" area where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a bit of sports entertainment.

If you are looking for world-class entertainment then Maxims might not be the place for you. They focus all their attention on offering a complete and exciting gambling experience rather than all the waffle that you might find on the sidelines of any other London based casino. In some ways this just makes this place even better - putting more focus on the things that matter rather than getting karaoke-singing tourists to belt out their latest rendition of "All By Myself" after losing yet another big hand.

Tournaments, Events and Promotions

This is a place for the gambler that wants to play cash games all the time. Tournaments and events are almost impossible to stumble on at this club and instead it is all about high-end gambling. So if you are looking to try your wits in a set-up environment with rules and a clear structure you might want to look for something other than this place. With that said - if you have enough money to sort out a private table it would be easy to create your own private tournament.

Why Maxims Casino Club London?

Maxims Casino Club London is a top gambling establishment in London, the UK and Europe, with excellent games and a world-class atmosphere. This is a club for gamblers and gamblers alone - a place where you focus on winning as much money as possible with very few distractions. The only thing you can do other than gamble is eat - and eat well. The restaurant is brilliant and holds up against some of the finer dining establishments in the UK capital. Getting in and out of this casino does not just require an exclusive membership - you will also need to dress the part. Smart casual is probably the minimum requirement for the bouncers to even look your way. Sneakers or trainers are a massive fault and you will be turned away at the door.

Maxims Casino Club, London Map


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