Playboy Club Casino, London

Playboy Club Casino, London

Address: 14 Old Park Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 1ND Map »

Close: To: Hyde Park Tube

Website: Official Website

Phone: 0 207 491 8586

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Private gambling clubs are not very common in the UK but when a venue puts up a membership fee there is usually a good reason. The Playboy Club Casino in London is run in the spirits of the rich and famous in the US, with extravagant decor and beautiful women acting as croupiers.

It can be found on one of the most sought after addresses in the London area, Old Park Lane, just off Hyde Park. The name itself is tightly connected to the empire of Hugh Hefner and the motto of the club comes from Hef himself: "Life is too short to be living somebody else's dream". With that motto stuck in the back of our head we head in to the depths of this exclusive club in order to tell you just how big that dream could be.

With a combination of gambling, drinking, dining and entertainment, there is hardly anything missing from this excellent venue. But this comes with a price - memberships cost quite a bit to get your hands on and not everyone will be accepted. But do not let that discourage you - try and try again if you fail.

Playboy Club Casino: Venue Details

Gambling Floor

The club calls their casino "World Class" and if they are talking about the general ambiance we can do nothing but agree. With a crème and purple decor, and bunch of photos as the wallpaper, this casino really raises the bar when it comes to the interior of a gambling venue.

Some of the tables - mainly the ones for roulette - are stacked quite tightly together but other than this there is a decent amount of space for gamblers and guests to move around. In terms of the actual games we find almost all the classic casino games on offer. Tables for Blackjack, American Roulette, Three Card Poker and Punto Banco are all spread out across the floor. These are complemented by a wide range of modern electronic gambling machines including some excellent slot machines.

With such a prestigious location and venue we would have expected a bit more in terms of Poker but even the Playboy Club cannot deliver on all the time.

Restaurants, Bars and Leisure

Before we start this section properly it is worth pointing out that the main feature of the Playboy Club is not the casino. It is merely one aspect that - combined with the rest - makes the whole club. So when we talk about the facilities available we talk about the club as a whole - not just what you can find on the gambling floor.

The Dining Room restaurant is run by executive chef Judy Joo. With her Korean roots she has combined kitchens from every corner of the world in order to create a menu worthy of this exclusive location. Food can be enjoyed in the restaurant or be delivered to the Baroque room. This is where the Playboy Club really shows its true colours - hailing the 17th century lifestyle with stylish decor and excellent performances.

If you are after some of the most exciting and exclusive drinks in the UK you might as well head over to Salvatore's Bar. The list of drinks is complete to the point where you cannot really be sure what each drink is. In 2012 it won the London Lifestyle Awards - Best Bar, showing just how great it is when it comes to offering great service and even better spirits.

Tournaments, Events and Promotions

This is a club that dedicates itself to offering a complete package. When you start looking on what type of events and promotions are on offer you really start to grasp just how far the Playboy Club goes when it comes to making sure every gambler has a unique experience. From Formula One, to Football, Tennis, Golf and Boxing - almost all the major sporting events around the world are shown at the club.

Saturday nights have some excellent entertainment at the Baroque and regular piano nights showcase some of the finest performers from around the world. With charity Poker tournaments and events such as breast cancer awareness month - this club really does its part to help the less fortunate and people in need.

It is possible to book private rooms or venues for birthdays or parties - but have a look on their website or speak to the staff to find out more about that.

Why the Playboy Club?

We can argue for this casino until the end of time. If you disregard the beautiful women, the fairly tacky name and the upper-class location you will see that this is a place dedicated to offering visitors a good time. The casino section is near complete with a great selection of table games as well as electronic games and slots. If you are looking for a complete night with fine dining you can just head over to The Dining Room to taste one of the latest concoctions by Judy Joo.

Having a drink or two does not hurt and this can be enjoyed with the great atmosphere of the bar or why not sit down in The Players Lounge for a bit of relaxation. The Baroque part of the club adds even more entertainment and with so many events going on almost every day there will never be a dull moment if you manage to get your hands on a membership.

It might not be the place to go if you are just visiting for a night - but as a regular spot there are few better places than the Playboy Club in London.

Playboy Club Casino, London Map


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