Genting Casino, Bolton

Genting Casino, Bolton

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Bolton is one of those cities in the United Kingdom where I have been past it so many times I cannot remember but I have never really experienced what it is all about. When I decided to head down to check out the casino scene in the west I knew I had to visit Bolton and see what the city and its casinos had to offer.

Navigating through the streets of Bolton was not as hard as I had imagined it to be. Finding the casino was even easier - with your best bet being taking your car there. It is also possible to get to the Genting Casino in Bolton by using the public transport system or if you fancy a longer walk you can get the train to the central station.

Visiting this casino can be done during most of the hours of the day. The casino opens at 2pm and does not shut its doors and throw out gamblers until 6am. This gives a solid 16 hours of gambling every day where you can enjoy some of the best games in all of the UK.

Genting Casino: Venue Details

Gambling Floor

The most important thing about any casino, when visiting or reviewing, is the gambling floor. At the Genting Casino in Bolton you have a wide variety of games to choose from. There are four American Roulette tables, joined by two Blackjack tables and a single table for Three Card Poker. In terms of stakes the maximum bet depends on which table you visit. The Three Card Poker has an upper limit of £50 whilst the Blackjack table goes all the way up to £500.

On the gambling floor you will also find a few Electronic Roulette machines which are quite popular. There are currently eight of them at the venue. There is no Poker section at this casino but there is a Card Room. Here you can play Rummy and Kalooki on a regular basis. At the Genting Casino in Bolton they take their slots very seriously and with 20 machines spread out across the gambling floor there is a huge amount of games on offer. Each machine has five games that you can choose from - including some of the most popular slot games currently available on the market.

Restaurants, Bars and Leisure

Offering a complete casino package is something which I believe that every venue should strive towards. Sometimes a casino falls short and it is usually because there is not a dedicated restaruant. At this Genting Casino there is not one, something which is a slight downer if you like to have a full meal when you go out to gamble. The Bar Snacks Menu is the option that you have if you are really desperate for a bit of food whilst you gamble. They offer quite a nice range of smaller meals and snacks, including vegetarian and Halal food.

If you are after a drink then you should head over to the Late Bar at this Genting Casino. This bar is open from 2pm and it closes at 5.30am. At this bar you can find a great selection of wines, spirits, beers and champagne. It is a great place to start out your night of gambling or finish a great night out. Many gamblers use it as a break from the bustling gambling floor or to get some refreshments.

I have not really experienced the Bolton nightlife to the fullest but I can tell you that if the drinks are anywhere near as good as at the Late Bar then it must be really good. The bar recently added quite a few drinks and you can find their latest additions online.

Tournaments, Events and Promotions

Gamblers looking to find out what is going on at the Genting Casino in Bolton will do so easiest by heading over to their website. Clicking the "What's On" link will show you all the latest events and promotions going on at the casino.

I have a thing for slots - I am not going to hide that. So when I saw that one of the main promotions at this casino is the Slots Tournament I was quite excited. In its current format there are six sessions where the winner of each session will get £25. The overall winner after the promotion is done will take home £500. The £10 Rummy competition is another regular event that I find very enjoyable.

The third Friday of every month there will be a tournament and there will also be a free buffet table for all the players that have registered. Last but not least there is a Kalooki tournament every Wednesday from 7.30pm. It costs £5 to join in and there is at least £100 guaranteed in the prize pot for every tournament. The only downside with this casino is the lack of entertainment. I personally like the odd performer or act coming on to entertain gamblers, drinkers or both to break up the routines and habits that you fall in to when you visit a casino.

Why Genting Casino Bolton?

Close to the centre of Bolton you will find this fairly impressive Genting Casino. It is located in a detached building - most likely made to house this type of venue. Once you enter the gambling floor you will see a wide range of games, including Blackjack, Roulette and slots.

If you want to have a drink before, during or after your gambling then your best bet is the Late Bar. Opening hours are quite good and it is easy to reach this casino with car and public transport. With a friendly staff, a great selection of drinks and snacks, the Genting Casino in Bolton really shows the city from its best side.

Genting Casino, Bolton Map


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