Grosvenor G Casino, Margate

Grosvenor G Casino, Margate

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Phone: 01843 579 999

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Grosvenor G Casino Thanet is a casino that has to compete with a lot of great venues around the area - and does it very well. Thanet itself is a part of Margate - one of the most eastern parts of the United Kingdom. With closeness to the sea and a nice picturesque environment it makes for an ideal gambling location.

The casino advertises itself as "more than just a Casino", a slogan which seems to go quite well with a lot of G Casino locations lately. It offers comprehensive selection of games - modern and classic - along with dining options and a nice bar area.

The G Casino in Thanet does disappoint slightly when it comes to opening hours. The casino is available for top class gambling from 12 noon until 6am. With a good selection of game, nice dining facilities, live sports and a few places for drinks it is a place where Margate residents can get an excellent night out without having to go to a bunch of different places.

Grosvenor G Casino: Venue Details

Dress Code

Smart Casual

Gambling Floor

Margate has a few casinos on offer already - but few of them are as dedicated to the game of Poker as this G Casino. The venue has a dedicated Poker area where you will find some of the most talented players in the region going head to head over large pots. One of the most interesting features about this casino is the layout of the gambling floor.

Starting from the centre of the venue, the tables fan out nicely to create interesting patterns if you can get a bird's eye view.

The gambling floor of the Grosvenor G Casino in Thanet has something to offer every gambler. If you walk in to the building you will be welcomed by Blackjack tables, American Roulette and a wide range of exciting new slot machines.

These machines host some of the most popular slot games currently on the market - such as the Cleopatra and Lucky Lady's Charm games.

Restaurants, Bars and Leisure

There are few better places to enjoy a refreshing drink than by the sea. Fair point - you might not be sipping a Pina Colada on the beach, but the sea breeze is still infatuating as you head to one of our favourite places at this venue: the casino bar. Some people might just need a break from gambling and with its great selection of cocktails, beers, wines and spirits there are few better places to go for a drink than the Casino bar. Sports is a big part of what this casino has to offer - and this can be clearly seen when you go to the bar area. Huge screens display some of the latest and most exciting sporting events from all over the world, live. Sit down here for a nice break from the bustling and vibrant gambling floor or to cheer your favourite team or club to victory. If you feel like having a light bite then have a look at the menu for the appetizing Bar Snacks.

The Grosvenor G Casino in Thanet offers some great dining opportunities for gamblers. With the Grosvenor Grill menu available in the restaurant you can find many of the signature dishes that have made the Grosvenor restaurants so popular. By this name alone it is quite easy to guess what type of food is on offer for gamblers. Sirloin steak, rib eye steak and fillet stake are used handsomely to create some of the best grilled dishes on the east coast. One of the nicer features of the restaurant is the other grilled dishes on offer - including grilled Sea Bass, Salmon and Pork. These dishes are complimented by a few curries, and vegetarian dishes to make it a very comprehensive menu.

Tournaments, Events and Promotions

Personally, this was one of the low-points when I was writing this review. Heading over to the G Casino you will instantly find that there are a lot of things going on - including events and promotions.

What makes me a bit disappointed is that there is no schedule for these events on their website. This is where you have to get creative and join the world of Twitter. The casino in Thanet has an extremely active twitter page (I should know, I'm never off the thing), where the latest events and promotions are displayed. You can find their Twitter here:

With a bit of research I found out that the likes of comedy shows, local singers, entertainers and hypnotists all come to the G Casino Thanet to entertain and mesmerize the gamblers. The whole lack of a schedule is also a bad thing for Poker lovers.

Regular games and tournaments are played but if you want detailed information about when and the tournament specifications we suggest an email or a phone call to the venue.

Why Grosvenor G Casino Thanet?

Reviewing casinos in the Margate area has really been a pleasure as they all have their highs and lows. The G Casino in Thanet has a lot more highs than lows - and it really is one of the best gambling venues on the East Coast. Actually, there are few casinos in the UK more eastern than this one.

The G Casino in Thanet has a great selection of games, including modern casino favourites as well as old classics. There is a hint of technology with jackpot slots and virtual slots - all to satisfy the needs of every gambler.

If you are after a bit of entertainment then you should look no further: Thanet offers a wide range of local talent and performers on a regular basis. Many of these entertainers are free to watch - make sure you check Twitter before going.

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