Aspers Casino Newcastle Makes Donation To Community Centre

Monday 26th May, 2014

Aspers Casino Newcastle has made a donation for the purchase of a state of the art television set for Simonside Community Centre in Newcastle. The television set was received with great celebration by Local Councillors Sharon Pattison and George Pattison, and by Simonside Community Centre chair Eileen Hall and vice-chairs Dawn Allman and Joan Martin. The gift was presented by Darren Hedley, Campaigns Manager for Aspers Casino Newcastle.

The community centre is run by volunteers from the area is situated in the Newbiggin Hall Estate. The centre hosts a range of services that include a gym, library, walkers club and groups for parents and toddlers. It is seen as a great service provider for the community.

The centre was lacking a good television set and it is now predicted that it will be used to watch major upcoming sporting events like the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the FIFA world cup in Brazil in all their glory. The centre usually relies on support and donations from businesses and individuals in the local community and the television set gifted by Aspers Casino Newcastle was received very warmly.

Chair of Simonside Community Centre, Eileen Hall stated "We're extremely grateful to Aspers Casino for this generous donation. Without this kind of support we wouldn't be able to provide the range of services the local community rely on. It's a really positive message to send out to other organisations across the region that all support for volunteer-run programmes, however small, is greatly received and does make a difference."

Darren Hedley, Campaigns Manager at Aspers Casino Newcastle said: "Simonside Community Centre is a fantastic resource for the local community; there are events and activities for people of all ages and abilities. Everyone that works here is a volunteer and everything they do is for the local community. Aspers Casino Newcastle is delighted to be able to support the centre and contribute to its future."

The community centre mostly serves the residents in the area of Woolsington Ward and is a registered charity. Organisations such as the Newcastle City Council and NHS work very closely with the community centre to make sure that the people who use the community centre are given the quality of services needed to improve their standards of living and they help in any way that they can.

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