Casino Lobbies for Future Expansion

Friday 2nd January, 2015

The UK casino operator has set its eyes on future expansion projects in Belfast and has started its first steps in achieving that end: the group has now officially lobbied and presented their proposal for a venue in Belfast. Setting up a complex in line with Rank's plans requires changing the law in Northern Ireland, hence the group has to lobby for such change among the city Councillors.

The main selling point of Rank's proposal is employment. Current estimates peg the operation of such a venue to generate up to 400 jobs, not to mention the boon and additional employment to the local economy during the construction of the complex.

While initial reports show that Social Development Minister Mervyn Storey showing strong opposition to the proposal, the council has yet to vote on the issue and the question on whether we're going to see a new casino in Northern Ireland is still up in the air.

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