The Casino MK Pays Out 30,000 Pounds In Jackpots In One Day

Sunday 11th May, 2014

Just six months after opening, Casino MK has given away its' first double jackpot to the amount of 30000 pounds after a pair of lucky gambler hit the jackpot hours after one another. The first win came at 7pm on April 30 for a woman from Sandy, Bedfordshire and amounted to 19,120 pounds and then a man from Milton Keynes won the jackpot on a slot machine again and took home 11,696 pounds.

While the casino has seen 11 jackpot winners since its opened, it was the first time two people won it on the same night.

Nigel Hartland, general manager of The Casino MK said "It was really exciting when the first customer won and we celebrated with her,"

"Then we had another jackpot less than seven hours later so the champagne came out again."

The double win came in the week The Casino MK announced a prize draw with the ultimate chance to spin the Super Wheel to win £1 million. The 'Spin for a Million' game will be run across all four Aspers casino locations -Milton Keynes, Northampton, Newcastle and Westfield, Stratford City and will end with a grand final spin which will be held at their flagship Casino Aspers Westfield, Stratford City, London on Saturday 21 June.

Customers have to use their Aspire Reward Card to enter and earn tickets to a draw and a chance to win a place at the semi final on the 15th of June. Every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night at 9pm and midnight, ten tickets will be picked out of a barrel. These winners will then be asked to pick a ball from a bag which will either be red, black or gold and then a roulette spin will decide who will get to the semi final from the customers who pick a red or black ball.

If a person picks the one Golden Ball they instantly win £250 of free bets and proceed to the semi final directly.

On Sunday June 15, five semi-finalists will be picked to go through to the Grand Final and the chance to pick a box - one containing £5,000 cash, another with £2,000 and the three remaining with £1,000 each.

The 20 finalists will be asked to go to Aspers Westfield, Stratford City on Saturday 21 June so they can compete for a chance at the one million pounds.

Nigel said: "We are very excited to be giving away such an unprecedented amount of money, and at significantly lower odds of becoming a millionaire than many national promotions.

"There is a guaranteed £25,000 cash prize that one of the finalists will win plus the chance to spin for a million."

The competition is free to enter for Aspire members and open to everyone over the age of 18.

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