Genting Electric, Portsmouth

Genting Electric, Portsmouth

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Opening Hours: 9am - 5am, 7 days a week

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Portsmouth - right at the edge of the UK south coast is famous for quite a few things. The port itself has a nice little history and we all remember how Pompey managed to bring home a major footballing trophy not so long ago. But what else do they have to offer? Well, if the world of gambling is something for you then there is only one place to go - Genting Electric Portsmouth.

This is not your average casino, something which you might have figured out from the name already. Genting Electric Portsmouth is the home of electronic gaming: instead of going with the standard casino layout with loads of tables, entertainment and other leisure activities - this casino has kept it simple with a very successful result.

Located less than two minutes from the Portsmouth and Southsea railway station and next to Victoria Park this venue has an excellent location which is easy to reach from most parts of the south coast.

Genting Electric: Venue Details

Gambling Floor

It will be hard to build this up to be something that it is not - so we are going to shoot as straight as an arrow. Genting Electric Portsmouth is like a lite version of a casino. You will NOT find your traditional casino games here, such as Blackjack, American Roulette or Baccarat. Instead the focus is shifted to the newer generation in the world of gambling - electronic gambling machines.

Slots are a big part in this and there are several machines spread out the gambling floor. They house a wide range of modern slot games and you can switch between the different games on the same slot unit. The Super V+ Gaminator machines are some of the most popular ones in the whole establishment - offering five different games with the press of a button. Winning lines vary between 5 and 40 for some exciting and individual gambling.

One fairly classic game you can play is Roulette thanks to the 17 Electronic Roulette tables scattered across the room. The stakes start from as little as £0.10 and go all the way up to £50. In all honesty, this Genting is quite underwhelming if you are expecting the full casino experience but if you are happy with slots and electronic roulette than there are few better - or nicer - places to go.

Restaurants, Bars and Leisure

You might think that this will be one of the shortest sections of the review - and you are right. There is no massive restaurant to brag about, no sports bar or other leisure that can entertain you. What you can do is visit the small bar that is available and have bottled beers, wine, cider or alcopops. The bar opens at 10 am and does not shut until 3 am so it does offer you quite a bit of time to get your drink on.

Tournaments, Events and Promotions

As you might have expected there is not really much to talk about in this category either. Events and promotions are non-existent unless there is something very special going on and with the games on offer there is not a single tournament that can be played.

Why Genting Electric Portsmouth?

If you like to keep things simple, if you want to get away from a crowded casino venue, then this is the place for you.

You might not be dazzled by an exciting or edgy interior or a wide range of games but this location has a purpose and it fills that purpose very well. When you are in Portsmouth and need a break from walking around - or you just want 30 minutes of gambling - then this is an ideal location. The little bar keeps things a bit fresher as you can enjoy a drink along with your favourite slot game or a dash of electronic roulette. I am not going to sell this to you as the be-all-end-all of gambling in the UK but in terms of small electronic establishments it does stand tall amongst most other venues.

Keeping things simple is a tried method that hardly ever fails and Malaysian owned Genting have recognized a need on the market in Portsmouth and filled that need very well. So we at least give them an A for effort.

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